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anyloc® XR Studio Dresden

Extended Reality Studio for XR image, advertising and feature film production



"Reality is something you rise above"

Liza May Minnelli

The anyloc® XR-Studio Dresden was created from a privately financed project for cross-industry synergies in the world of media. The aim is to make the production of music videos, images and feature films far more flexible, innovative, resource-saving and cost-efficient. The focus is clearly on doing without a green screen, blue box and extensive set construction as far as possible, as well as the ability to depict realistic reflections and reflections directly on the set.

High-performance 3D real-time rendering enables the backdrop to be reproduced in detail on a curved, high-resolution LED wall. The protagonists already move immersively in the film set in the final backdrop. The calculation of the backdrop is linked to a camera tracking system that processes in real time, which enables the exact calculation of the parallax in the image. The final shot is recorded directly as an in-camera VFX and usually does not require any further work in post-production.

Nothing protects us from illusions quite as thoroughly as a look in the mirror

Aldous Huxley

The advantages of Extended Reality (XR) production are obvious. Creative changes to the scenery can be made spontaneously "on the fly". This enables the actors to interact with the virtual, yet seemingly real environment. Problems with spills on clothing, semi-transparent objects, glass and mirror surfaces as well as in glasses are already a thing of the past. The lighting can be set free of edges or highlights, as in real locations or sets. Even the finest details, e.g. lint, hair and mist, which are quickly lost during chroma-keying, are retained.

XR Studio - advantages:

  • Reflective surfaces and objects reflect realistically
  • The set can be classically illuminated (no highlight (edge) required
  • No spill on clothing, skin and glassware or spectacles
  • No complex keying in post-production
  • Fine details such as hair, lint or mist are preserved

"It's hard to describe your own paths, they only come into being when you walk."

Heiner Luerig / Heinz Rudolf Kunze

We are passionate set designers, lighting technicians, cameramen, 3D artists, VFX supervisors, programmers, problem solvers, enablers, technicians, exhibition and decoration builders, consultants and businesspeople. The diversified team at the anyloc® studio includes specialists with many years of professional experience, as well as free spirits who want to break new ground or tread unconventional paths. The many years of cooperation are evidence of consistency and stability; the path taken so far shows our success.

"Coming together is a beginning;

staying together is progress;

and working together is success"

Henry Ford